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We love music and we love nothing more than getting our talented musicians in a studio and hitting 'record',  sharing our new take on old music with the world.

It's not just vintage music we create however, we have released original music and have some exciting developments in the pipeline with our acts.

10% of the proceeds from all of our live bookings go directly into funding the creation, production and distribution of original releases.

So if you like what we are doing and you want more of it, you can support us by purchasing and downloading our music, booking our shows and sharing our content online.


'Lady of The Dead'

Kerri Layton and her band lead us through a steely 5 min soundscape which is part New Orleans funeral march, part Mexican Day of The Dead fiesta, part funk, blues and barrelhouse explosion.

Written and performed by Kerri Layton

Featuring Ben Croft - Piano / Lottie B  - Baritone / Jordan Brown - Bass & Guitar / Matt Green - Drums

Produced & Recorded at Tesla Dog Studios 2019

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