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Luxury or Necessity?

Good quality, sophisticated music has the power to uplift, inspire and connect people in ways that are lost to us during the daily grind.

That's why it is so important to choose a great band for your event.

It is often seen as a luxury to have a high end band perform at your event, wedding or celebration - especially when you consider that booking anywhere from a 5 piece function band, with a sound system can set you back nearly £3000 or more.

We feel that choosing the right music for your event should inspire your guests and leave them feeling luxurious, and the booking of the band is an absolute necessity for your event and its success.

Celebration, playfulness and luxury are the foundation of our bands here at ‘Dixiebird Records’.

That's why we created 7 bespoke shows that tell stories, entertain, connect audiences, involved the use of theatre in the styling and delivery, to create a unique experience that will leave your guests feeling like VIPs and that they had the time of their lives.

See our website here, email us at and let us add value to your event by nourishing the shows and music with your desires so that your event can flourish and prosper.

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